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Mix-and-Match Boxing Moves for a Better Body

Punch off the pounds

Give unwanted inches the old one-two with these boxing-inspired moves from Crunch NYC instructor Christy Nacinovich. (They’re based on her new Sucker Punch class.)

For a top-to-toe tone-up, choose a move for the arms and shoulders, a move for the abs and back, and a move for the legs and butt, then do 2 sets of each move 3 to 4 times per week.

Arms & shoulders: Back fist

Stand with knees slightly bent, feet in fighter’s stance (left foot forward), elbows bent; bring right fist near face. Twist at waist to the right, bringing left fist to the right and down, straightening left arm.

Keeping arm straight, rotate upper body to the left while swinging left arm back beyond left side of body. Do 10 reps, keeping arm straight and long—think of it as a steel bar locked into place. Switch sides and repeat; do 2 sets.

Arms & shoulders: Pike push-up

Begin in push-up position with hands in a wide diamond (fingers pointing toward each other).

Bend at waist, lifting hips up and coming onto toes (walk them in a bit if needed) so body forms upside-down "V". Bend elbows to lower head toward hands.

Press back up; do 10 reps. For even more of a challenge, do 10 reps with right leg raised, then repeat with left leg raised.